Always successful "on axis" +++ From black to colorful - easy change from monochrome to TFT +++ GLYN-Talk of the Month

Always successful "on axis":
6-axis motion tracking sensor

Reliable motion sensor data is crucial for modern automation.

Whether precision agriculture, construction machinery, drones, automated guided vehicles, robots or industrial motors - motion tracking sensors monitor every type of position change, which is evaluated in a corresponding circuit.

Incorrectly executed movements lead to more than just sore muscles in automation. Especially in harsh environments with vibrations and large temperature fluctuations, these measurements must be extremely accurate as well as error-tolerant.

And that's where a motion sensor comes into play that can precisely measure accelerations as well as angular velocities. TDK InvenSense's ICM-42605 is a 6-axis motion sensor that combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer in a small 2.5 x 3 x 0.91 mm (14-pin LGA) package.

What flies and moves here, arrives safely.

Read all about this little performance giant right here...


From black to colorful - From passive to active:
How easy it is to switch from monochrome to TFT

Display spring for your application.
Beautiful colors instead of dull black and white.

It's time to replace your 128 x 64 passive monochrome graphic display with an active TFT color display with IPS technology.


Program May 2022:
SILICON LABS Live Online Seminars

Are you interested in the Internet of Things (IoT) in the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, SubGHz and Matter radio links?

Then you should attend the new series of lectures on WIRELESS components from SILICON LABS.


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the month:
Voltage Regulator Lineup 2022

ABLIC controls your voltage - compact and efficient with linear LDOs:

a) in ultra small package HSNT-4 (0808, AOI compatible)

b) with extremely low quiescent current of typ. 2 nA (S-1318xxx)

c) products qualified for automotive use.

In combination with the low-current and ultra-small voltage detectors and analog battery protection ICs, you can develop very compact battery applications with high safety standards. And with battery runtimes that have hardly been achieved so far. How? Find out in our GLYN-Talk AIC-001.



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