8 TB M.2 Industrial SSD +++ Robust against Rowhammer Attacks +++ Xmore® doubles storage space in a 2.5" SSD

We double the capacity!
With 16 TB of storage capacity, Xmore® doubles the storage in a 2.5" SSD

16 TB of storage capacity, Xmore® doubles the storage in a 2.5" SSD

Data loggers are typical applications with a hunger for huge data storage. This is because the more data that can be recorded continuously, the longer the operating time of the data logger.

In these projects, when we ask the question, "What capacity do they need?" we usually get the answer, "The biggest you have!". These are now our 16 TB 2.5'' SATA SSDs from the Xmore®.

7 mm slim despite doubling the capacity

Despite doubling the storage capacity, Xmore® has managed to stay with the slim 7 mm package. You can transfer data at up to 530 MB/s via the SATA Gen3 interface. The controller and firmware are optimized for data center applications, which is ideal for constant data transfer. For the NAND Flash Xmore® uses a KIOXIA 3D TLC BiCS Flash with 112 layers. This C-Temp. flash convinces with cost efficiency and good availability.

Feature Read Write
Sequ. Performance 530 MB/s 500 MB/s
4k Rand. Performance 94.000 IOPS 10.000 IOPS
Power Consumption 3,5 W 5,4 W
Capacity 15.360 GB
TBW 10.725 TB
Toperation 0 °C to 70 °C
Part number SSD016TXACTT-025Z


Tip: Double the use and treat your application to 16 TB of storage in just one 2.5'' SATA SSD from Xmore®. With GLYN you buy directly from the manufacturer without any detours.

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