5-in-1 environmental sensor module SEN5x +++ 100 % future-compatible connected +++ Successful "single" for small PCBs

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5-in-1 environmental sensor module SEN5x

sensor module SEN5x from SENSIRION

One design, one housing, one interface - Three possible configurations.

The SEN5x sensor platform from SENSIRION is an all-in-one sensor solution for the accurate measurement of relevant environmental factors for our well-being. These include particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and oxidising gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx). In addition, SENS5x accurately measures relative humidity and temperature.

6 scalable-flexible advantages
The all-in-one functionality of the SEN5x allows you to design your equipment flexibly:

  1. You can replace multiple sensors with a single one - faster time to market.
  2. Research and development costs are lower -
    Your developers save the time of having to learn about multiple sensors.
  3. All sensor data is output via a single I²C interface.
  4. The use of SEN5x sensors saves material and assembly costs.
  5. SEN5x sensors offer an optimised and tested airflow duct geometry.
    This ensures that all sensors are optimally connected to the ambient air.
  6. The sheath flow technology reduces dust deposits inside the sensors. This ensures a long sensor life with high accuracy, completely free of maintenance.

Get reliable air quality measurement data via the SEN5x platform. Ideal for use in air purifiers, air quality monitors, air conditioners, HVAC systems and ventilation systems.

These sensor versions will be available:

  Particulate matter(PM) Temperature (T) Relative humidity (RH) Volatile organic compounds(VOCs) Nitrogen oxides(NOx) Availability
SEN50 X         Q2/2022
SEN54 X X X X   on stock
SEN55 X X X X X Q2/2022


Get started now with the SENSIRION starter kit and GLYN-SUPPORT.

With the SEK-SEN5x in combination with the SEK-SensorBridge you have a complete plug-and-play solution.

With the associated viewer software, called ControlCenter, you can display and record the measured values for particulate matter, NOx, VOC, as well as relative humidity and temperature directly on your PC.


Alternatively, the SEK-SEN5x can be connected to an Arduino or Raspberry PI using the jumper cables provided. The corresponding software is available free of charge and completely directly from SENSIRION. As a third option, you can solder the Development Board to your own application using the enclosed pin headers and thus test the performance of the sensor.

The starter kit will be available from week 07/2022 from the GLYN warehouse.
Be one of the first to start 
and secure your sample and starter kit today.

The data sheet for the SEN5x can be found here (597 KB).

We will be happy to provide you with further information, a quotation or answers to your questions personally - just give us a call or send us an email!

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