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Customised Displays - Why Does It Take So Long to Create a Specification?


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"Tell me, Mr. Krause: Why do LCD development, creating specifications and production actually take so long?"

In joint SUPPORT discussions with customers, GLYN and manufacturers, this very question is frequently asked. Therefore, we wanted to shed some light on it in a transparent and comprehensible manner in a video call with our manufacturer EDT.

Remember that even the smallest display consists of up to 150 different components. And they all have to be finely tuned to each other.

Enjoy part 1 and part 2 of the discussion:

Part 1:
What Is a Display Made of?
And What Goes into the Development of a Display?

Part 2:
How Much Effort Goes into a Display Specification?
What Are Important Quality Standards in Production?

You will certainly get an appetite for the complete range of GLYN SUPPORT.
And at the end of February there will be the third part with "Quality inspection in incoming and outgoing goods as well as information on the price philosophy".

So stay tuned…

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