5-in-1 environmental sensor module SEN5x +++ 100 % future-compatible connected +++ Successful "single" for small PCBs

Pssst... The air is clean! 5-in-1 environmental sensor module SEN5x

One design, one housing, one interface - Three possible configurations.

The SEN5x sensor platform from SENSIRION is an all-in-one sensor solution for the accurate measurement of relevant environmental factors for our well-being. These include particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and oxidising gases such as nitrogen oxides (NOx). In addition, SENS5x accurately measures relative humidity and temperature.


100 % future-compatible connected... Scalable cellular radio in one form factor

When choosing the right radio solution for your development, you need to consider many requirements and factors.

Whether the market is industrial or commercial, you should consider in advance not only the radio technology, the place of use, the design and size of the components, but also the power consumption and other performance characteristics.


Successful "single" for small PCBs:
Motor driver IC for DC brushed motors up to 28 V

With its 6 x 6 mm, the tiny motor driver fits even on the smallest PCBs.

The compact TB9051FTG driver IC from TOSHIBA feels right at home with all DC brushed motors that operate with up to 5 A current consumption.

In industry, it is suitable for e.g. pump and valve control as well as speed-controlled machines. In the automotive sector it is used for applications such as z. In the automotive sector, it is used for applications such as car locks, mirrors, seats or throttle valve control.


Customised Displays - Why Does It Take So Long to Create a Specification?

Simply more knowledge

"Tell me, Mr. Krause. Why do LCD development, specification creation and production actually take so long?"

In joint SUPPORT discussions with customers, GLYN and manufacturers, this very question is frequently asked. This is an important reason to clarify this topic for you in a transparent and comprehensible manner in a video call with our manufacturer EDT.


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the Month:
TOSHIBA Optocoupler Lineup

TOSHIBA presents itself as the market leader in the manufacture of optical semiconductors. The manufacturer has over 40 years of experience in the field of optocouplers.

In GLYN-Talk OPT-001 we present the current line-up of optocouplers and photo relays.
You will learn how you can quickly evaluate the selection of focus products in your application via starter kits and PROMO cards.



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