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New X-ray method for corona diagnosis - with classic X-ray tubes

Canon ETD X-ray process

Typical changes in the lungs are a consequence of Covid-19. These can be made visible with computed tomography. However, this requires a high radiation dose and several images from different directions.

In order to significantly reduce the radiation dose and make the changes visible with just one image, researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed a novel X-ray method for lung diagnostics.

With the new procedure, many patients can be examined in a short time. The results are available immediately.

Deflected X-ray light shows damaged pulmonary alveoli

Conventional X-ray imaging shows the attenuation of X-ray light as it passes through tissue. In contrast, the new X-ray method is based on dark-field imaging. It uses the small portion of X-ray light that is scattered, i.e., deflected from its straight path. This remains unnoticed in conventional X-rays.

Novel method ...

Dark-field imaging with X-rays is a novel examination method for medicine. Franz Pfeiffer, Professor of Biomedical Physics and Director of the Munich School of BioEngineering at TUM, and his team have developed it from scratch over more than ten years.

... with conventional X-ray tubes

Conventional X-ray tubes, such as those used in doctors' offices, can be used for the examinations.

X-ray tubes, image intensifiers and flat panel detectors from Canon ETD

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