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Customized industrial solutions! Now 100 % custom-fit Memories from Xmore® according to your specifications

Industrial solutions from Xmore®

An industrial storage system should fit like a tailor-made suit.
Ideally, it should be precisely tailored to the requirements of your application.

A 100 % perfect fit - both technically and visually.
This means you can make your product unique.
Visually, you can design your own label, color the product according to your CI specifications, laser or engrave it. Even housings according to your design wishes are possible with selected form factors. For example, you can offer your customers the specific storage solution as an accessory.

Determine the inner values
In addition to the visual appearance, you can optimize the performance of your individual storage medium for the requirements of the application. For example, you can enable/disable certain firmware features or implement encryption via firmware customization.

Additional hardware adjustments are possible for many Xmore® products. For example, you can set up hardware power fail protection, which saves the data in the host on the storage medium in the event of a power failure. In addition, we at Xmore® will be happy to optimize the desired storage medium for the thermal application areas of your system.

Would you like your storage medium to arrive at your or your customers' premises already fully operational? We also have a convenient solution for you. Let us provide your Xmore® storage medium with your desired content in advance.

German SUPPORT - From the idea to the finished application

For more than 30 years, Xmore® memories have proven themselves in the industry. Customized storage solutions according to customer specifications are our specialty.
Here, as GLYN, we incorporate 40 years of experience of our specialists. In addition, we support you from the initial idea to the finished application:

  • Project support from the start of development to series production
  • Fixed BoM (Bill of Material)
  • Strictest quality management
  • Excellent logistics
  • Reliable communication (PCN / PDN)

Easier to implement than you think possible.
Ask us now for your customized Xmore® storage solution.

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