The fast way to HMI +++ i.MX8M KI-Quadcore Power on 29 x 29 mm +++ Form factor COM-HPC - performance up to 300 Watt

Smart Embedded® - Part 1:
The fast track to HMI

Smart Embedded®

Touch controls à la smartphone are replacing mechanical buttons and knobs in many industrial areas.

Such HMIs can be developed quickly with intelligent displays.

With our Smart Embedded® product family, we are introducing a whole new generation of display - equipped with ARM® Cortex®-M7.

Thanks to the integrated microcontroller, these displays offer a range of interfaces: I²C, SPI, CAN, RS485, RS232, GPIO (6 Pin), USB OTG and PoE.

This 7.0" with 1024 x 600 pixels and PCAP touch is equipped with a 480 MHz Cortex®-M7 derivative (STM32H750). With 64 MB external QSPI flash and 16 MB external SRAM, there is enough space for programme code and images for a modern graphical user interface (GUI).

Sample product ETEMx070016XDRAM

Smart Embedded® takes many tasks off your hands. These include:

  • Connection of display and touch to the MCU
  • Driver voltages, timing signals, touch coordinates
ETEMx070016XDRAM Allocations

Application examples: Remote HMI unit
Use Smart Embedded® Displays as a stand-alone HMI unit in your application. The entire GUI and its response to touch inputs are processed directly on the display. This way you avoid the transmission of high amounts of data over long cables - good EMV. In combination with PoE, you can even operate this HMI completely independent of a local power supply.


Application examples: Central control unit
If the Cortex®-M7 has enough power for your purposes, this display unit can manage every task of your entire application. Smart Embedded® uses hardware acceleration, FreeRTOS and TouchGFX. Graphics rendering is highly optimised to of the controller’s processing power.

GLYN Starter Kit SUPPORT shortens your development time

Smart Embedded Starterkit-SUPPORT

Quick set-up: In just a few steps you can display your first GUI results. The Smart Embedded® Starter Kit from GLYN offers you this and much more.

It includes supporting documentation such as 3D data, sample software and application notes. The CE certificates for the Smart Embedded® displays are also provided. This makes it easier for you to place your product on the market.

Sensor included. The current version of the Smart Embedded® Starter Kit is already equipped with an environmental sensor from SENSIRION. You can measure and graphically display the temperature and relative humidity by means of a sample project which we provide.

We are happy to customise the hardware according to your requirements, controller, memory or interfaces, after consultation.

Would you like to enhance your application with a suitable glass panel? You have access to our years of experience in this area, too.

Smart Embedded - Online Tutorial | #01 TouchGFX:
How GUI works

Watch our first little "helper" in this video here:

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