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COM-HPC form factor:
The new standard for highest performance up to 300 watts

Form factor COM-HPC from ADVANTECH

Real-time data synchronisation - data transfers for machines and production lines.

This performance and new expansion possibilities for edge computing are made possible by the new COM-HPC form factor. HPC stands for "High Performance Computing".

The COM-HPC modules expand the existing portfolio of COM-Express modules.
They now enable high-end client and server applications based on Computer-on-Modules. The performance increases to up to 300 watts.

ADVANTECH has contributed significantly to the development and completion of the COM-HPC standard. With the SOM-8990, the manufacturer offers a server variant as well as a matching carrier board (SOM-DB8900).

Modular design
COM-HPC offers a modular design. The standard thus enables simple and fast system integration and deployment through uniform pin assignments for servers and clients. In addition, the new COM-HPC standard offers more performance and expansion options. The new standard retains all the advantages of Computer-on-Modules and facilitates the introduction of the next generation.

Expansion up to 1 TB memory
Compared to previous Computer-On-Module solutions, COM-HPC now offers 800 pins (2x 400 pin to board connections), while COM-Express, for example, only offers 440 pins (2x 220). Similarly, the available board sizes enable the introduction of high-performance processors with TDPs of 110-300 watts. The larger COM-HPC modules also support 4 - 8 DIMM modules, which should / will enable expansions to up to 1 TB of RAM.

PCIe Gen 5 data transfer rate
COM-HPC supports higher bandwidths via its innovative board-to-board connections. These solutions offer up to PCIe Gen 5 (32GT/s) and can scale up to 65 lanes. They offer connections for USB 4 or USB 3.2 Gen 2x2, 10GBASE-T and 25GBASE-KR. In addition, COM-HPC has interfaces such as GPIO, SPI, I²C and SMBus for intelligent system management.

COM-HPC solutions from ADVANTECH

The manufacturer already offers a COM-HPC server variant (SOM-8990) and a matching carrier board (SOM-DB8900).

Main specifications:

  • Intel Xeon® D 16 Core with TDP up to 110W
  • Up to 512 GB RAM
  • Up to 45 PCIe lanes PCIe Gen. 3
  • Up to 4x 10BASE-KR & 1x 1000BASE-T
  • COM-HPC Server Pinout
  • Dimensions: Size E 200 x 160 mm

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Board size and COM-HP I/0

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