The fast way to HMI +++ i.MX8M KI-Quadcore Power on 29 x 29 mm +++ Form factor COM-HPC - performance up to 300 Watt

Smart Embedded® - Part 1:
The fast track to HMI

Touch controls à la smartphone are replacing mechanical buttons and knobs in many industrial areas.

Such HMIs can be developed quickly with intelligent displays.

With our Smart Embedded® product family, we are introducing a whole new generation of display - equipped with ARM® Cortex®-M7.

Thanks to the integrated microcontroller, these displays offer a range of interfaces: I²C, SPI, CAN, RS485, RS232, GPIO (6 Pin), USB OTG and PoE.


COM-HPC form factor:
The new standard for highest performance up to 300 watts

Real-time data synchronisation - data transfers for machines and production lines.

This performance and new expansion possibilities for edge computing are made possible by the new COM-HPC form factor. HPC stands for "High Performance Computing".

The COM-HPC modules expand the existing portfolio of COM-Express modules. They now enable high-end client and server applications based on Computer-on-Modules. The performance increases to up to 300 watts.


i.MX8M KI-Quadcore Power on 29 x 29 mm:
Ka-Ro QSX computer-on-modules for soldering on

More memory, more performance, more intelligence!

The new CoM solder modules of the QSX series from Ka-Ro offer you 3 times "more".

These are equipped with the i.MX8M Mini or with the brand new i.MX8M Plus processor from NXP.

Up to 8 GByte eMMC in the smallest of spaces
As usual with Ka-Ro, these solder modules are also compatible with the existing 27 x 27 mm modules. LPDDR4 RAM is used in the new modules. This means that 2 GBytes of RAM and up to 8 GBytes of eMMC are currently available in the smallest possible space.


TMR sensor IC as reed switch replacement:
ABLIC S-5701 B-series requires only 160 nA current

Robust replacement for reed switches:

This is what ABLIC Inc. offers with its surface-mountable TMR sensor IC (Tunnel Magneto Resistance) S-5701 B-series. This magnetic sensor IC offers a very low operating current of only 160 nA combined with high magnetic sensitivity and a long service life.

We have compared the limitations of the reed switch with the advantages of the TMR sensor IC.


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the month:
Faster to the HMI development goal with SMART Embedded Display

Your fast track to a "smart" display solution

Smart Embedded: What is that and what advantages does a smart display offer you?
Here, the intelligence is already built into the display!

Smart Embedded products are displays with a Cortex®-M7 (ST32 series) and various interfaces. In addition, you receive software with which you can conjure up a modern GUI on the display within a few hours. You can find out more about the fast track to your goal with this GLYN-Talk.



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