Safe distance from COVID-19 with Bluetooth 5 Contact Tracer +++ The world´s first MEMS ultrasonic Time-of-Flight sensors +++ Memory solutions from KINGSTON Technology

Bluetooth 5 Contact Tracer provides protection:
Always a safe distance from COVID-19

COVID-19 is forcing governments and companies worldwide to take action to limit transmission and protect public health.

Safe spatial distancing reduces person-to-person transmission. In case of infection, contact tracing proves its worth in terms of when and with whom an infected person has come into contact. These approaches work, but they rely on memory and consistent behaviour.

Fortunately, the Internet of Things is providing solutions. Intelligent sensors and gateways from LAIRD Connectivity can protect people in the long run.

In this video, we explain the Bluetooth 5 Contact Tracer quickly and easily.

Spatial distancing – automated and simplified

The Sentrius BT710 Tracer is a portable, battery-powered device that automates and simplifies spatial distancing. Users simply wear the tracer on a clip, pendant, wrist or helmet mount. They receive warnings if they get too close to another user.

Proximity detection for the senses

The Sentrius BT710 has four highly visible LEDs, as well as a buzzer and vibration alarm. Users are then warned when they enter a preconfigured range of another BT710. The tracer integrates the Laird True Point Diversity antenna system for reliable proximity detection. The BT710 is a completely independent device.
The privacy of the users is fully protected. The tracer runs reliably over a long period of time with a single CR 2477 battery.

Contact tracing can be clearly recorded

Our contact tracing traditionally relies on memory. In conjunction with the
Laird Connectivity smart gateways, the BT710 leaves nothing to chance.
The tracer continuously logs when users are too close to each other.
The gateways collect this data seamlessly and forwards the logged data to the cloud; the contact tracing is then recorded in a comprehensible way. Send data to the cloud via Bluetooth and your mobile network – the Sentrius MG100 gateway offers you maximum flexibility for connecting your application.

Convenient configuration via smartphone app

Simply install and conveniently configure using the smartphone app. Ideal for AWS and Zephyr applications. The Sentrius IG60 is a powerful gateway with many connectivity options. Depending on the version, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, serial and LTE are reliably supported. The robust design and widespread interface support makes the IG60 an ideal gateway for complex industrial and medical installations. The BT720, which works with Quuppa tracking devices in a building, monitors movement in real time and reports any contact with people, is also available. COVID-19 prevention requires smart solutions that eliminate human error and improve human safety.

Fast provision of data

Sentrius sensors and gateways reliably ensure that data is made available quickly. LAIRD Connectivity simplifies the wireless connection of applications with our wireless modules, IoT sensors and gateways. Ideal areas of application include environmental monitoring, contact tracing/quarantine monitoring, patient monitoring/hospital healthcare and RTLS asset tracking (real-time localisation).

You can also take advantage of a wide range of high-quality RF antennas.

LAIRD Connectivity is second to none in wireless solutions –
for the successful future of healthcare and public safety.

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