Safe distance from COVID-19 with Bluetooth 5 Contact Tracer +++ The world´s first MEMS ultrasonic Time-of-Flight sensors +++ Memory solutions from KINGSTON Technology

Bluetooth 5 Contact Tracer provides protection:
Always a safe distance from COVID-19

COVID-19 is forcing governments and companies worldwide to take action to limit transmission and protect public health.

Safe spatial distancing reduces person-to-person transmission. In case of infection, contact tracing proves its worth in terms of when and with whom an infected person has come into contact. These approaches work, but they rely on memory and consistent behaviour.

Fortunately, the Internet of Things is providing solutions. Intelligent sensors and gateways from LAIRD Connectivity can protect people in the long run.

In this video, we explain the Bluetooth 5 Contact Tracer quickly and easily.


Learning from the animal world:
The world´s first MEMS ultrasonic Time-of-Flight sensors

Communication modelled on dolphins:
engineers have often – and very successfully – drawn inspiration from the animal world.

Dolphins use ultrasound not only for communication, but for orientation too,
using their natural sonar system. The principle: the further away an object is,
the more time the echoes need to return after reflection. Dolphin sonar also allows conclusions to be drawn about the material composition of objects. Each object produces its own characteristic reflection spectrum.


New in the product range throughout Europe:
Memory solutions from KINGSTON Technology

KINGSTON and GLYN have reached a distribution agreement for the sale of the manufacturer's memory solutions. The manufacturer's products are now available throughout Europe from the Idstein-based electronics distributor.

KINGSTON Technology Company Inc. was founded in 1987. Starting as a supplier of
single-in-line storage modules, the manufacturer has grown into a global organisation with over 2,000 products that currently support more than 20,000 systems.


Simply connect to the cloud and get started right away:
With the multi-wireless gateway via LTE-M/NB-IoT/Bluetooth 5

From your product, directly to the cloud.
With the right gateway, you can quickly and conveniently develop a complete IoT solution.

The Sentrius™ MG100 gateway from LAIRD CONNECTIVITY (distribution: GLYN) can be used right “out of the box”. You can network your sensors directly with the gateway via Bluetooth 5. The MG100 then sends the data to your cloud through a global LTE-M/NB IoT cellular connection.


The world´s most precise time accuracy with 1.5 ppm (0 to 50°C):
RTC module with 1 Hz – 52 MHz from MICRO CRYSTAL

Extremely high time accuracy with an extremely low current consumption of only 160 nA:
manufacturer MICRO CRYSTAL offers this feature with the new high-performance RTC module RV-3032-C7.

This module is suitable for all applications that must precisely fulfil the following requirements:
greatest accuracy over a long period of time, with a simultaneously wide temperature range and a long battery life.

Uses include, for example, applications in the areas of smart metering, wearables, IoT and comparable industrial or consumer applications.


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Xmore® - Tailor-made industrial storage media

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