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Code name "Elkhart-Lake" - Processors for real-time graphics applications

Elkhart-Lake processors from Intel®

It is now available on all common form factors:

  • Codename "Elkhart-Lake"
  • Licence for 4K viewing in real time

Intel® is launching its Elkhart-Lake processors, the optimal support for the next generation of edge IoT devices. Compared to previous CPU generations, a significant performance increase is achieved, up to 1.7 x for single-thread and up to 1.5 x for multi-thread applications.

The 2 - 4 CPU cores achieve clock rates of up to 3.0 GHz and their TDP in the range of 4.5 W to 12 W usually enables a passive cooling solution.

The integrated Intel® UHD graphics unit, with up to double the graphics performance, is a significant advance on its predecessors and now offers support for up to three simultaneously operated 4K displays at 60 fps for the first time in this processor category.

Mission complete
For the first time in the class of entry-level Intel® Atom® and Celeron® processors, LPDDR4 memory is now used, offering a significant leap in performance compared to its predecessors.


Technical ID Check

  • Performance increase up to a factor of 1.7
  • Peak clock frequency up to 3.0 GHz
  • LPDDR4 memory
  • Intel UHD graphics for up to three 4kp60 displays simultaneously
  • 4.5 - 12 W TDP

The distributor
Computers / systems are available from GLYN in all possible sizes and variants, from Computer-On-Module (COM) and small Single Board Computers (SBC) to Mini-ITX mainboards.

Ask our specialists for the right products for your application. Code name "Elkhart-Lake"...

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