Processors for real-time graphics applications +++ Remain deliverable despite allocation! +++ 7-inch display offspring in the TFT family concept

7-inch display offspring in the TFT family concept:
Brilliant from all viewing directions + suitable for sunlight!

7-inch display offspring

At your request, the tried and tested 7.0" display size has had an offspring.

Even more robust, even brighter and even easier to read:
GUDRA now complements the GLYN TFT family concept.

G-ETML0700GUDRA → GlynUpgradeDisplayRobustAll viewing directions

With GUDRA, you can now take full advantage of the integrated IPS technology.
And the module allows you to use it in your application regardless of position.

The new module is available with a PCAP touch. To meet high EMC requirements, it is equipped with an ILITEK touch controller ILI2511.

In addition, the new 7.0" with a brightness of 680cd/m² and a working temperature range of -30 to 80 °C operates at the highest industrial level.

Other advantages and novelties of GUDRA are:

  • A 50-pin connection with all required signals
  • All components on the connection lug (FPC)
  • Slim design with only 7.2 mm, due to omission of the rear PCB
  • Control unit can be short-circuited
  • Ideal for use where space in the application housing is limited
  • Additional FFC cable is omitted → A positive factor for EMC tests!
  • Input voltage range for the LED driver can be selected between 5 and 12 V

As a TFT family concept customer, you benefit additionally:
To ensure compatibility within the family, an adapter board is used to restore the familiar 40-pin connection with the existing pin assignment.

Product overview:

Article number IPS-Upgrade
Interface 24-Bit RGB-TTL
Outside dimension 165 x 104,44 x 7,16 mm
Viewing Area 154,4 x 93,44 mm
Active Area 152,4 x 91,44 mm
Touch-Controller ILI2511 – IIC-Interface
Brightness 680cd/m²
LED-Lifetime 50 Khrs min.
Viewpoint 80/80/80/80
PCAP-Touch Ja
Temperature range -30 ~ 80 °C
Supply voltage 3,3 V LCD und 5 – 12 V LED

Further information on the family concept and a current overview of available family members can be found here.

Further information and details are available on request.

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