Processors for real-time graphics applications +++ Remain deliverable despite allocation! +++ 7-inch display offspring in the TFT family concept

Code name "Elkhart-Lake" - Processors for real-time graphics applications

It is now available on all common form factors:

  • Codename "Elkhart-Lake"
  • Licence for 4K viewing in real time

Intel® is launching its Elkhart-Lake processors, the optimal support for the next generation of edge IoT devices. Compared to previous CPU generations, a significant performance increase is achieved, up to 1.7 x for single-thread and up to 1.5 x for multi-thread applications.


Remain deliverable despite allocation! Thanks to ARM-Cortex CoM solder module solutions

They are going through this experience right now:
Component procurement is the central issue due to the current allocation situation.
Is the "heart" of your application not available for a very long time?
Then you have to change your design to an alternative processor in no time at all.
But suddenly the main memory also slips onto the list of missing components...

However, you can outsource many sourcing challenges by using parts that already combine many components.

With ARM-Cortex solder modules from Ka-Ro, you remain flexible.


7-inch display offspring in the TFT family concept:
Brilliant from all viewing directions + suitable for sunlight!

At your request, the tried and tested 7.0" display size has had an offspring.

Even more robust, even brighter and even easier to read:
GUDRA now complements the GLYN TFT family concept.

G-ETML0700GUDRA → GlynUpgradeDisplayRobustAll viewing directions


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the month:
Industrial "managed" memory solutions

You get a very special design-in expertise in the GLYN-Talk MEM-013.
From main memory to flash media, we have designed our portfolio with strong brands for robust and secure memory solutions for your industrial applications. Whether legacy products, customised solutions or leading edge technologies. You will get an overview of the extensive portfolio and the SUPPORT offers around storage media. You will learn which storage processes you can control for your design-in and how to integrate them profitably into your application.



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