Memory solutions from EXASCEND +++ High-speed and ultra-low-power 8-bit MCU with up to 50 MHz +++ Real Time Clocks - precise billing of charging stations

New in the delivery program throughout Europe:
Memory solutions from EXASCEND

EXASCEND Inc. is a leading provider in the industrial, enterprise and cinematography memory markets. Effective immediately, the manufacturer is entering into a partnership with GLYN GmbH und Co. KG that will expand the reach of its flash memory solutions on the European continent.


Three "busy bees" operate at up to 50 MHz:
High-speed and ultra-low-power 8-bit MCU

The "Busy Bee" family from SILICON LABS has grown.
No less than 3 hard-working female workers are making a decisive contribution to the field of "smaller is always better MCUs" on the basis of an 8-bit.

With the 5th generation of the "Busy Bee 5" (EFM8BB5 for short), the manufacturer has made a great leap in the direction of power reduction at a maximum operating frequency of up to 50 MHz.


Precise billing of charging stations with MICRO CRYSTAL Real Time Clocks (RTC)

Saves power and provides stable and accurate timing for EV charging stations.

An EVSE charging station (wallbox) that is not permanently connected to a data network needs very accurate RTCs for precise synchronisation of electricity tariffs. These RTCs are also necessary for reliable time recording if the power supply has been down for a long time or the GSM network is on strike.


TOSHIBA Photovoltaic Coupler:
Contactless, wear-free switching at 5,000 V insulation voltage

Ideal for switching large DC currents.
Photovoltaic couplers take up where solid-state relay ICs reach their limits in terms of dielectric strength and current carrying capacity.

In a photovoltaic output optocoupler, the light emitted by an IR LED is received by a photodiode array (PDA) and converted into an output voltage.


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the month:
From CoM to Boxed PC - ARM® in all form factors

With increasing performance at low power consumption, ARM® processors are becoming more and more interesting.

They are particularly used in industrial applications where X86 was previously required. In the GLYN-Talk module EPC-003 you will gain an insight into our portfolio of CoM modules, SBCs, boxed PCs and tablets based on ARM® architecture.



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