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Powered via Power-over-Ethernet:
Embedded PC Boxer-8521AI delivers 4 TOPS AI computing power

Embedded PC Boxer-8521AI

AI Edge Computing exactly where you need it.

With the AAEON BOXER-8521AI, you can make this happen very easily.
The embedded PC has a PoE-PD port that allows you to install and operate your system at a great distance from the power source.

In doing so, the BOXER-8521AI combines the flexibility of PoE-PD deployment with the fast Google® Edge™ TPU in a robust, fanless system.

Double protection in case of power failure
Dual use of the PoE-PD port and DC input means your system will continue to run safely even if one of the two power supplies fails.

High computing power for energy-efficient AI applications
High computing power is provided by the Google® Edge™ TPU system-on-module. This combines the NXP i.MX 8M SoC (Quad Cortex-A53, Cortex-M4F) with the Google Edge TPU co-processor to deliver speeds of up to 4 TOPS at an energy-efficient 2 TOPS per Watt.

Fanless and robust for harsh industrial environments

Fanless and robust BOXER-8521AI from AAEON

AAEON's BOXER-8521AI is designed for industrial use.

Thanks to the fanless design, dust and contaminants are kept out of the inner workings.
This gives you long-lasting, more reliable operation.

The system can operate at full power even in temperatures ranging from -5 °C to 50 °C.

Maximum flexibility with I/O connections

Maximum flexibility BOXER-8521AI from AAEON

The BOXER-8521AI is richly equipped with connections such as USB3.2 Gen 1, USB2.0 and COM ports.

Via the 40-pin multi I/O port, you can directly connect additional sensors, controllers and cameras, for example.

Embedded PC + GLYN = WIN!
Further information on the AAEON BOXER-8521AI is available on request.

Benefit from over 20 years of expertise in embedded PCs.
Start your AI design now with GLYN-SUPPORT.

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