Memory + GLYN = WIN +++ Photo relays from metering to smarthome to industry +++ Compatible alternative to MITSUBISHI displays

From metering to smarthome to industry:
five good reasons for using photo relays


From safety applications to PLC industrial control and e-mobility charging stations.
Even smaller, even quieter and for higher currents.

Wherever galvanic isolation between control and operating circuit is required, photo relays are used.

Five good reasons for using photo relays in metering, smarthome and industrial applications:

  1. Switch silently and without contact bounce
  2. Wear-free and maintenance-free
  3. Save up to 80 % space compared to mechanical relays
  4. Are safe from electromagnetic interference
  5. Are easily and directly controlled via the GPIO port of an MCU

From big to tiny - check out the wide range of photo relays in our quick guide.

Use our tips for a quick start.
These will help you choose the right photo relay for your application.

Read more here in our free eBook:

eBook (1,3 MB)
Functionality and advantages of photo relays compared to mechanical relays.


You can see impressive comparisons of photo relays versus mechanical relays here in the video:

Whitepaper for download

Whitepaper (1,90 MB)
Integration of a photo relay in a thermostat

Photorelay Promocard

Use the GLYN Photorelay Promocard for a quick start.

The already assembled and ready-to-use PCB in handy EC card format can be directly connected to your application or test setup.

Talk to the specialists at GLYN.
We will be happy to provide you with a Photorelay Promocard free of charge on request.

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