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Smart Embedded - Part 2 "Intuitive Touch Operation" The fast way to a modern GUI

Intuitive touch operation

In our last newsletter you learned how to develop your own HMI with Smart Embedded® in no time at all.

However, modern hardware also needs a modern graphical user interface (GUI).

And there is also a convenient solution for this: TouchGFX Designer. This graphics software is part of the STM32Cube MCU Package.

You can use it to create attractive graphics in no time at all.

See our instructional video - here we explain it to you in great detail.

Modern touch operation in industrial applications

In the age of smartphones and tablets, intuitive touch operation is essential for devices. In addition, a modern GUI gives you the opportunity to stand out from your market competitors. A modern GUI includes graphic elements such as

  • Slider
  • Button
  • Toggle-Switch
  • Progress Bar
Modern touch operation in industrial applications

With the free software TouchGFX you can configure these widgets at the click of a mouse and create a user-friendly interface. TouchGFX creates the necessary C++ code for you in the background. Thanks to STM32 hardware acceleration, FreeRTOS and the C++ framework, you make optimal use of the controller's resources.


Three decisive advantages of TouchGFX:

  • You can extend the generated code in any IDE according to your own wishes.
  • You can import your own graphics and images into TouchGFX.
  • The Model-View-Presenter principle makes it easier for you to structure and maintain the code.

And this is what we offer you in addition

Smart Embedded® Displays and TouchGFX work hand in hand. At the start of a project, you simply select the appropriate BSP or template. TouchGFX then knows all the display-specific characteristics such as

  • Resolution, colour depth, timings
  • Touch evaluation and mapping
  • Backlight control
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
  • Flash and RAM

This speeds up your development many times over, as you can now concentrate fully on developing your application software. Why not give TouchGFX a try? As part of the GLYN starter kit, you will receive a sample software project including a SENSIRION environmental sensor. See for yourself how quickly you can develop an HMI with Smart Embedded® Displays and TouchGFX.

Order your GLYN starter kit today to get started quickly!

Read the first part of the newsletter here.


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