Manufacturer Interview - Allocation and component shortage +++ Smart Embedded - Part 2 +++ Certified 5.2 modules including Bluetooth stack

Allocation and component shortages:
When can the situation be expected to ease?

Component shortage

Our digital and connected world needs more and more semiconductors.

Currently, however, industrial customers are affected by a shortage of electronic components. Prices and delivery times are increasing dramatically. Perhaps you are also one of those affected.

The production of microchips and TFT panels is faltering because Corona impacted many supply chains that are now being painstakingly rebuilt. Raw material prices have multiplied.

As a specialist distributor for electronic components and displays, we have valuable access to insider information from our contractual partners.

For example, we have been able to gain EDT, a leading Asian display manufacturer, to comment on the component shortage. Is an easing of the situation to be expected soon? How challenging is the current situation from the perspective of an LCD manufacturer?

Find out here first-hand how the situation in Asia (Taiwan) is developing.

Two experts from the display and embedded industry talk about the current situation.

In this video you can learn more...


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