Manufacturer Interview - Allocation and component shortage +++ Smart Embedded - Part 2 +++ Certified 5.2 modules including Bluetooth stack

Allocation and component shortages:
When can the situation be expected to ease?

Our digital and connected world needs more and more semiconductors.

Currently, however, industrial customers are affected by a shortage of electronic components. Prices and delivery times are increasing dramatically. Perhaps you are also one of those affected.

The production of microchips and TFT panels is faltering because Corona impacted many supply chains that are now being painstakingly rebuilt. Raw material prices have multiplied.

As a specialist distributor for electronic components and displays, we have valuable access to insider information from our contractual partners.


Smart Embedded - Part 2 "Intuitive Touch Operation" The fast way to a modern GUI

In our last newsletter you learned how to develop your own HMI with Smart Embedded® in no time at all.

However, modern hardware also needs a modern graphical user interface (GUI).

And there is also a convenient solution for this: TouchGFX Designer. This graphics software is part of the STM32Cube MCU Package.

You can use it to create attractive graphics in no time at all.

See our instructional video - here we explain it to you in great detail.


Bluetooth 5.2 on small 12.9 x 15 x 2.2 mm:
Certified 5.2 modules including Bluetooth stack from SILICON LABS

Pre-programmed Bluetooth modules for the tightest of spaces.

With the BGX220, manufacturer SILICON LABS is expanding its BlueGecko series with certified module variants that have the Bluetooth stack on board.

The BGX220 offers fully upgradeable and robust software stacks. Worldwide pre-certification and advanced development and debugging tools shorten your time-to-market.


SMARC form factor as a computer-on-module solution:
SMART development thanks to SMARC modules

SMARC instead of QSeven is the new trend.

The "SMARC" form factor is increasingly in demand on the market as a CoM solution. Many developments - in the past still based on QSeven - are now being implemented with the modern and also more attractively priced SMARC modules.

In order to cope with the high diversity of different applications, manufacturers must also regularly expand their portfolios in a meaningful way. First and foremost, ADVANTECH should be mentioned here. The world's largest industrial PC manufacturer is known for its diversity in CoM. And ADVANTECH's already broad SMARC portfolio continues to grow strongly.


Real Time Clock with only 45 nA:
World´s lowest current consumption with a time accuracy of +/- 1ppm (25 °C)

Extremely high time accuracy with extremely low current consumption at the same time.

The new real-time clock RV-3028-C7 from MICRO CRYSTAL requires only 45 nA.
This ultra-compact high-performance RTC sets new standards in miniaturisation, requiring only half the space of a uSOP-8 package.


The RV-3028-C7 RTC is ideal for applications that require an extremely long battery life or where there is no space for large batteries.

These include applications in smart metering, wearables, IoT and similar industrial or consumer applications.


As a MITSUBISHI TFT replacement:
The new P-Series from TIANMA

The new P-Series from display manufacturer TIANMA is both:

a) A 99% compatible replacement for the discontinued MITSUBISHI TFT line

b) A professional new TFT line for new demanding design-ins.

Here, TIANMA uses the most modern technologies. Thanks to the SFT (IPS) technology used, all displays can still be read excellently even from very wide viewing angles.

Thanks to the high-quality LEDs of the backlight, brightness levels of up to 1,500 cd/m² are achieved. Half-life times of up to 100,000 hours are specified, a service life that meets even the highest demands.


The small powerhouse for your IOT application:
WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5 Module Laird Sterling-LWB5+

LAIRD Connectivity is expanding its product portfolio with robust small IoT modules. These modules can be used globally and have all the necessary certifications.

The modular design reduces the parts list on your PCB. You can choose between a solderable module and the standardised M.2 variant.

The new Sterling LWB5+ is based on the CYW4373E from Infineon. It is designed specifically for IoT for a secure, reliable and robust feature set.


GLYN-Talk - Topic of the month:
Global procurement of products from leading manufacturers

GLYN offers you two solid business areas or contract models for the procurement of components - franchise and sourcing. In sourcing in particular, we have a stable supplier structure that has grown over 30 years and is secure. Here we procure products from leading manufacturers worldwide. And with the high standards of a franchise dealer in terms of quality, service and reliability.

Find out everything about our sourcing service in our GLYN-Talk module OTH-001.



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