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Vocational Orientation

Due to the cancellation of student internships in the last 1.5 years because of the pandemic, the current generation of students has a deficit in practical career orientation. We ourselves were able to gain a large number of trainees from earlier internships. The loss of these traineeships has left us with a gap that we need to compensate for.

With the event series "GLYN meets..." we offer a good insight into the design and implementation of training at GLYN in schools as a substitute for internships. It serves us as another tool in training marketing, but is not intended to replace the necessary practical internships.

Vocational orientation GLYN meets Limes School

As part of the career orientation of the Limesschule Idstein, GLYN started its series of events in mid-September at "prime time".

Our company, the training at GLYN and our planned apprenticeships for 2022 were presented to about 70 interested students from the final classes of the Realschule (10th grade) and the gymnasium branch (Q1 and Q3).

Three trainees gave an entertaining presentation on their decision-making process regarding their own apprenticeship, their daily training routine and their future prospects. They brought along many practical examples as well as an internal video interview.

Bianca Amstutz Limes-School

"What do you actually do as GLYN and where can your products be found? 

These frequently asked questions from the students were answered very clearly in a video presentation on the topic of "Which everyday products contain GLYN?


Interested students from the final year classes meet motivated trainees and trainers for an important exchange of experiences for the start of their professional life.

The series of events shows how important close contact between school and work is for both students and companies.

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