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Smart Embedded - Part 3:
Design your own Smart Embedded® Display

Smart Embedded® Display

Smart Embedded® displays come with a range of industrial interfaces - ideal for a quick start in the development. But what if you have additional wishes, such as an SD card, an isolated CAN transceiver or more UARTs? That is also possible!

In addition to using our standard Smart Embedded® displays as a proof-of-concept, they are also ready to be used for mass production.The GPIOs offer alternative functions and an extension connector gives access to additional interfaces. For example, you can develop your own extension board and test it extensively. To finalise the product for mass production we offer two options:

  1. We adapt the Smart Embedded® Display for you (fitting additional components).
  2. We assemble a connector of your choice so that you can apply an expansion board.
 Smart Embedded® Display Interfaces

We are able to customise Smart Embedded products depending on the quantity:

  • Alternative microcontroller
  • Alternative components (e.g. for CAN)
  • Memory size
  • Adapted EMC design
  • Additional components such as buzzer, microphone, memory card, connectors etc.
  • Cover glass, mounting frame and industrial-grade adhesive tape
A modern design for your HMI product

A modern design for your HMI product

Elegant, yet practical: A cover glass makes your product shine and adds robustness, making it suitable for industrial use. We would be happy to support with your next design. Our years of experience cover many areas:

  • Thermal and chemical strengthening (increased strength) 
  • Colours and logos (organic/ceramic print) 
  • "Hidden" components such as LEDs and capacitive buttons 
  • Smoothed and polished edges 
  • Holes and radiuses 
  • Surface treatments


You can find more information here.

Display protection and pleasant haptics in one

Illustration: With the right glass, you not only protect your display, but you also offer the user a pleasant feel - just the right thing for a touch display.

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