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Only 1 µA standby current:
New DC motor driver extends battery life

TB67H450FNG and TB67H451FNG DC motor driver from TOSHIBA

TOSHIBA's TB67H450FNG and TB67H451FNG are single-channel H-bridge drivers for brushed DC motors. They drive motors from 4.5V to 50V with a maximum current of 3.5A.

The devices have the industry's lowest standby current of only 1µA over their entire voltage and temperature range. This is a factor of 10 lower than the well-known competitors.

This makes them ideal for all applications that draw their power from a battery or accumulator. Battery life is extended. Replacement costs are reduced. For battery-powered devices, charging is reduced.

Door lock case study
As an example, the battery life in an electric door lock is extended by 1.8 times if the standby current is improved from 10 µA now to only 1µA by using the TOSHIBA component. The calculation is based on the following conditions: Motor current: 100 mA, operating frequency: 20 times per day.

Controlling motors in 4 modes
The TB67H450FNG and TB67H451FNG can control motors in 4 modes (forward, reverse, brake and stop). They are capable of safe shutdown in case of overheating (TSD), overcurrent detection (ISD) and shutdown in case of undervoltage (UVLO).

The two ICs differ only in their handling in the event of overcurrent. While the TB67H450FNG switches off in case of an overcurrent event and has to be reset by an acknowledgement, the TB67H451FNG has an auto-return function.

Ideal for USB-powered applications
Due to the minimum possible supply voltage of only 4.5 V, the components can also be used for USB-powered applications.
A safe function is guaranteed by the undervoltage lockout (UVLO). It switches off operation when the operating voltage falls below 3.8 V until it exceeds 4 V again.

The components in the compact HSOP8 package can be used as a direct drop-in replacement for the DRV8870 from Texas Instruments and the A4950 from Allegro.

Due to the wider operating voltage range, lower current consumption and favourable price, the drivers are suitable as plug-in replacements as well as upgrades for e.g. motor and solenoid valves, electronic locks, suction robots, electrically operated curtain rails and roller blinds, card readers and vending machines.

You can find more information here:

Article Datasheet Applikation-Note
TB67H450FNG TB67H450FNG (486 KB) TB67H450FNG (602 KB)
TB67H451FNG TB67H451FNG (390 KB) TB67H451FNG (606 KB)

Both components are immediately available as samples from the GLYN warehouse.

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