GLYN History

You can count on it - Long-term reliable SUPPORT!

Which electronic component fits into your development in the long term?

How do you successfully, quickly and easily integrate peripherals such as displays, sensors, wireless, memory, USB, touch sensing or connectivity in your application?

From the product idea until far beyond the series production –
You always have to keep an eye on the market and make smart decisions with regard to the electronic components and distribution partners you rely on for your development. You have to trust and have confidence in functioning supply chains in this respect. You must also be able to guide the in-house development quickly and safely through the required certification process. And all of this even in times of crisis such as corona, rapidly changing markets and volatile global trade agreements.

There is something else which should not be forgotten – does your laboriously programmed software run safely in practical operation? Electronic components and systems are becoming more and more networked and complex in their application. The selection is huge. The "chemistry" simply has to be right for the interaction with the components. High-quality, complex products also require high-quality support.

You are faced with great challenges in spite of progressive digitisation, especially in the embedded environment. As a special distributor, we support you as an important interface between the manufacturer and user to help you meet these challenges.

It is important to know who to contact if you have any questions.

40 years of design-in support inspired by enthusiasm and passion

The portfolio is so concentrated and focused at GLYN that we can offer in-depth advice in sales and technology.

The people who work here know which components fit into your applications based on technical and commercial specifications.

Our application engineers have already read the manual. Simply because they have a passion and enthusiasm for electronics. They have worked in development themselves and already know the answers to many questions which developers will definitely be confronted with in the course of the development.

The sales department deals with known components on a daily basis. That is why the staff always have quick access to important information for the purchaser. Customers appreciate our knowledgeable answers and our solutions. Manufacturers therefore have a strong design-in partner. Useful design-in tools have been created on the basis of customer requests and suggestions.

Did you know that GLYN has been a focused specialist since its founding in 1980?

It began as a European specialist for Japanese microelectronics.
The distribution channels and sources of information for Japanese semiconductors were not clearly defined at the beginning of the 1980s. Our company founder Glyn Jones recognized this and decided to specialise in Japanese semiconductors.

Now join us on an exciting journey through 40 years of GLYN history...


Specialist right from the beginning:
Glyn Jones focuses on high-tech semiconductors from Japan 


Start in the "Schönen Aussicht":
First company headquarters in Niedernhausen


Contracting partner from the very beginning:
NEC as the distributor's first franchise partner


Always well informed:
The GLYN customer magazine "Semiconductor-Times" for purchasing- and development departments


Desired "helper" for development- and purchasing departments:
The GLYN memory comparison list


Space for growth:
Construction of the new company building in Idstein, conveniently located on the A3, near Frankfurt


Orientation towards embedded systems:
GLYN has been part of the first embedded systems in Sindelfingen.


From japanese microelectronics to high-tech distribution:
Opening up to new franchise partners 


For wallet-friendly DM 99, -:
The foundation for a variety of Low-cost starter kit series from GLYN, which are still popular today


Sales office Nettetal opens its doors:
There are now 19 sales offices in 11 countries. 


Expansion of the headquarters in Idstein:
New storage space and office space are created.


Industrial storage solutions:
In-house industrial storage brand Xmore.


40,000 times with the GLYN starter kit:
Sold out at the release date


GLYN family concept for displays:
1,000,000 types are currently proving themselves in daily use.


Successful expansion:
GLYN company building 3 is ready to move into. 


An excellent distributor:
Glyn Jones is honored for his life's work.


125 million:
The distributor's strongest sales year to date 


40 years of long-term reliable SUPPORT.
Managing Director Thomas Gerhardt with owner Glyn Jones


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