Employee Stories

Christine Ansel
MRP Controller
BU Industrial Memory Solutions

Since 2016, I have been working as an Assistant Product Manager for the Memory IC division at GLYN. My job involves a diverse and varied range of tasks. Almost every day, new situations and challenges arise in the current day-to-day business, in which I can contribute to the team with my strengths.

I appreciate both the freedom to plan and design my work and the trust that is placed in me and my work.

I am particularly motivated by the pleasant human interaction between colleagues and superiors as well as the openness and fairness in communication among each other. Joint events also help to exchange ideas with colleagues from other areas in a relaxed atmosphere. No matter what position you hold, everyone is equally valued and SUPPORTed.

I am very happy to be a part of GLYN and to make my daily contribution to being successful together as a team.

Fabian Hoffend
Manager Logistics, Customer & Supplier SUPPORT

If you've been with the company for 15 years and you're still one of the younger ones ... then you know it's worth staying!

I have been part of this great family business since 2005. I started with an apprenticeship. Then came the dual study programme. Along with the company, I have constantly grown with new tasks. From my own experience, I can therefore say:

  • Those who strive for competence receive first-class SUPPORT!
  • Those who contribute continuous performance can look forward to well-deserved appreciation.

In my function, I ensure that there is always enough material availability for our customers' needs.

This challenge always brings new exciting projects. As long as I accompany these, I will remain happy here!

Sebastian Stricker
Team Manager Product Management
BU Industrial Memory Solutions

As a career changer with a background in business administration, I joined GLYN in 2015 as Product Manager for the Memory ICs division.

Through a structured induction and an extensive training programme, I quickly familiarised myself with my new tasks. After that, my area of responsibility expanded to include flash memory solutions. Thanks to renewed excellent SUPPORT from our experts, I was able to quickly gain a foothold in this area as well.

Due to restructuring, I was given the opportunity to take on personnel responsibility shortly afterwards. I gladly accepted this challenge and was promoted to Team Manager. GLYN also SUPPORTed me with a great (junior) management programme.

My business trips to our customers and international manufacturers offer a lot of variety to the daily office routine, so that it always remains interesting.

All of this ensures that I enjoy going to the office every day and am motivated!

Christopher Frese
Associate Marketing Manager
Management Marketing

In 2005, I began my training as a wholesale and export merchant at GLYN. Afterwards, I worked as a technical sales employee for the sale of wireless products in the project business. Step by step, I was given sole responsibility for specific customer projects. As I was also very interested in the procurement level of the products, among other things, I switched to product management and soon took over my own product line as line manager.

GLYN is a company with great prospects because it invests in the future. In addition to optimising processes, the company also focuses on the further development of its employees. I earned both a bachelor's and master's degree in business administration while working. This allowed me to combine the theory I had learned with practice and to apply what I had learned directly in my daily work.

My promotion to deputy head of department enabled me to take on personnel responsibility. Afterwards, the management gave me the opportunity to continue my career at GLYN as Associate Marketing Manager.

New and exciting tasks arise every day, both internally and externally with customers and suppliers. Together with my colleagues, we master the most diverse challenges.

The working atmosphere is very informal and everyone stands up for each other. There is respectful interaction and everyone works towards the common goal of providing the customer with the best possible SUPPORT. This shows that our company values of performance, competence, cooperation, transparency and fairness are really lived out in our day-to-day work.

Celine Weise
Coordination & Training

Through my participation in GirlsDay and my internship at GLYN, it quickly became clear to me that I would also like to do my training at this company. I successfully completed my training as an office management assistant in 2018.

Thanks to the great SUPPORT from all my colleagues, I have developed both professionally and personally. I was quickly given the opportunity to work independently and assigned my own responsibilities.

Today, as an assistant in the Coordination & Training department, I ensure that trade fairs, workshops, company events and webinars are implemented with the best SUPPORT. I also ensure that junior staff receive the best possible training and can work efficiently and effectively in the company after their training.

I look forward to continuing to grow with my tasks in the future and to contributing in the age of digitalisation.

Bianca Amstutz
Department Manager
Coordination & Training

In 1991, I started as an employee in inventory management. Even then, I was interested in various processes and tasks in the company. I was allowed to be active and contribute to mailings, annual inventories and events beyond my normal activities.

In 1998 I changed to the sales department as an assistant. From 1998 to 2000, I also took care of travel management and was already working "part-time" for the management at that time. With my training certificate, I set the course for my current passion: "Training management at GLYN". Since 2001 I have been working with dedication in my dream job.

I am inspired by the familiar, collegial atmosphere, the freedom to organise my work processes and the esteem in which I am held. Regular company and trainee events contribute to the positive interaction. Professionally, I can only say...

My past is GLYN - my present is GLYN - my future is GLYN.


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