Values & Corporate Mission

"The company GLYN has had my name for 40 years and is more than a job for me - it is my life.

I am proud of our good reputation and what we achieve together every day. We work hard to make our business partners' projects a success.

The world and the electronics industry are constantly changing. That is why the company is always adapting to the needs of customers and setting new long-term goals.

Continuous investments and new interesting products in the delivery programme ensure our competitiveness. That is why we believe in a successful future together."

Glyn Jones, Owner


Best SUPPORT for customers and suppliers

GLYN is a distribution professional with sophisticated logistics concepts. As a competent design-in specialist, we offer customised solutions. This is how we make high-tech products of the best quality available at the highest SUPPORT level - that is our mission!

GLYN has a distinctive corporate culture for this. Five central values determine how we act: Performance, competence, cooperation, transparency and fairness. They form the basis for the success of our customers, suppliers and employees.

Open, transparent communication is a matter of course at GLYN. This is also promoted by the "you" culture that is customary within the company - even with the management.

In addition, we always treat each other fairly. That's why our company figures are visible to everyone at all times. Everyone knows exactly how the company is doing. With this shared knowledge, we find the best solutions. All GLYNians attach particular importance to this.

External partners particularly appreciate our high level of motivation and competence.

Experience shows that if everyone deals with each other transparently and fairly, and at the same time is ready for a high, competent performance, this results in a great cooperation.

The fifth of our values therefore arises quite automatically when we take the different needs of employees and customers or suppliers seriously. This makes the time spent together meaningful and fun for everyone. This results in convincing first-class premium SUPPORT, for which GLYN enjoys an exceptionally good reputation in the market.

With our mission and our values, we occupy a top position among distributors. This leads to good results. They ensure that we remain a profitable, independent and, above all, safe company for everyone.

Thomas Gerhardt, Managing Director

Thomas Gerhardt

Performance, Competence, Cooperation, Transparency & Fairness


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