Statement Coronavirus (Covid-19)


We are all currently facing an unprecedented challenge. Considered a distant disease just a few weeks ago, the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) are now clearly visible in all areas of our society.

We at GLYN also take the situation very seriously.

In order to keep you up to date in these dynamic times, we have summarized all the relevant adjustments to you in the following:

  1. The health of our fellow human beings is extremely important to us. For this reason, we continue to work daily on our security measures, such as e.g. mobile working, disinfection points, as well as spatial separation etc.
    In this way, we are making an important contribution to curbing the spread of the virus in our environment.
  2. We maintain the accessibility for you with all our means. However, for your safety, we will refrain from personal meetings and visits until further notice. You can still reach your contact person by telephone or email, using the usual contact details.
  3. In our supply chain, we are in close contact with our suppliers in order to continue to provide you with fast and reliable supplies as usual. Due to the current situation, there may be delays or price shifts, which we will inform you about reliably and at an early stage.
  4. Transparent communication: We will keep you informed on a daily basis about all the relevant developments on our homepage and through our media channels.

Take care and stay healthy!

In addition, you will find here all of the statements we receive from our manufacturers.

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Statement ETURBOTOUCH (870 KB) 30.01.2020
Statement FUJITSU (44 KB) 31.03.2020
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Statement ISSI (52 KB) 28.01.2020
Statement MICRO CRYSTAL (43 KB)  19.01.2021 
Statement MITAC (82 KB) 31.01.2020
Statement SCHURTER (175 KB) 31.01.2021
Statement SEACOMP (43 KB) 14.02.2020
Statement Seiko Instruments (159 KB) 04.02.2021
Statement SENSIRION (79 KB) 31.01.2020
Statement SGD (262 KB) 05.03.2021
Statement SKYHIGH MEMORY (216 KB) 31.01.2020
Statement SIERRA WIRELESS (196 KB) 04.01.2021
Statement SIERRA WIRELESS (180 KB) 17.06.2021
Statement TAMURA (91 KB) 30.01.2020
Statement TDK (70 KB) 14.12.2020
Statement TIANMA (108 KB) 25.03.2020
Statement TIANMA (140 KB) 17.02.2020
Statement TOSHIBA (862 KB) 08.04.2020
Statement VISIONOX (139 KB) 31.01.2020
Statement YAMAICHI (134 KB) 04.05.2020