Also known as W-LAN, WiFi is designed as wireless replacement for ethernet local area networks. Based on the IEEE 802.11 standards, it allows easy communication with other WiFi-enabled devices and supports networking of multiple devices and high data rates. WiFi is mainly known for its use in computer networking, but industrial applications are also adopting the technology. 

WiFi products by LM Technologies


LM TECHNOLOGIES is a key enabler for Internet of Things (IoT) and cable replacement applications with innovative wireless products. They design, develop and manufacture wireless modules and adapters using world-leading technologies and standards including Bluetooth, WiFi, Sigfox, Thread and ZigBee.

By designing their own hardware and developing their own firmware and software, LM TECHNOLGIES delivers the complete wireless solution to the industry. This enables easy integration of wireless technology in applications for Point of Sale, Automotive, Banking, Computig, Vending, Healthcare, Home and Building Automation and more.

LM TECHNOLOGIES was founded in 2004 and has offices in London, China and Hong Kong.


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