Wireless LAN (WLAN) refers to radio networks based on the international standards of the IEEE 802.11 series. The marketing name "Wi-Fi" is assigned by the Wi-Fi Alliance for certified devices - so Wi-Fi is mostly used a synonym for WLAN.

The wireless technology is mostly used as a wireless alternative for local networking of computers, other IT devices, smartphones and tablet PCs. Depending on the transmission mode supported, data rates of up to several 100 Mbit/s are possible.This allows large volumes of data and multimedia content such as high-resolution videos to be transmitted.

Local wireless networks are coordinated via access points. These are often connected to other access points and networks, allowing access to additional devices and services.

Most of the time, radio modules are used for integration in proprietary applications. Depending on the system architecture, these are designed for connection to operating systems such as Android, Linux or Windows or contain additional functions to enable simple connection with microcontroller applications. In addition, there are USB adapters that can be easily connected to existing computer systems.

Many modules and adapters for WLAN also support Bluetooth



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