Scalable and flexible mobile communication platform on "22 x 23 mm":
The mobile communication form factor of the future!

If you are looking for a mobile communication solution for your application today:
What is particularly important to you?

Mobile communication technology, design and price?

Long service life, future-proof technology, flexibility and scalability will surely play an important role as well. You need to be able to respond quickly to changing market requirements.

From 2G to 4G - bank on the smallest, scalable module range on the market!

The CF3 form factor of Sierra Wireless allows you to:

  1. Simplify your product structure
  2. Increase flexibility
  3. And thus minimise development costs and times


IoT Acceleration Platform by Sierra Wireless:
Complete IoT infrastructure solution from a single source

What do you need for your IoT application:
Hardware, SIM cards, server, cloud?

You have thus far worked with different suppliers to integrate the various components into a single solution. This is very labour-intensive and time-consuming...

From now on, you can use a single contact partner!
Sierra Wireless offers a complete IoT infrastructure solution that is already networked and tested.

The IoT Acceleration Platform is the first industry platform that combines all important elements of an IoT application:

  • Hardware for the applications
  • Administration platform for the devices
  • Cloud platform for your operating data
  • Interfaces to external cloud services
  • Managed connectivity services and SIM administration


High-speed connectivity for 21 frequency bands:
Powerful LTE-Advanced vehicle router

The AirLink MP70 by SIERRA WIRELESS is a high-performance LTE-Advanced (LTE-A-) vehicle router.

It is ideally suited to sensitive applications in the public safety domain – for example, for police authorities, fire departments and rescue services – as well as in local public transport and field services.

The AirLink MP70 is the first router in the sector to provide access to a high-performance vehicle network (Vehicle Area Network, VAN) via Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit WLAN and 300-MBit/s LTE-A. This allows multiple applications to be used within the vehicle simultaneously.


A robust 4G gateway for industrial applications

The AirLink® Raven RV50 by SIERRA WIRELESS offers the lowest power consumption for an industrial LTE.

Key benefits:

  • Full LTE performance with 2G power consumption
  • Robust industrial gateway
  • Ideal for solar-powered applications
  • Convenient remote maintenance via AirLink Management Service (ALMS Gateway).

Easy to install and manage, the Raven RV50 has been developed for the connection of business-sensitive systems and infrastructures.


Wireless solutions for the Internet of Things:
LM Technologies now available throughout Europe from GLYN

With immediate effect, GLYN has expanded its product portfolio in the wireless sector with modules and adaptors from British manufacturer, LM Technologies.

The manufacturer offers wireless solutions for WiFi and Bluetooth:

  • Modules for integration
  • Adapters as easy-to-connect plug-and-play solutions

LM Technologies uses the chip sets of renowned manufacturers such as Broadcom, CSR or Realtek for its products.

Alongside proprietary hardware. LM Technologies also develops in-house firmware solutions for its own products. The focus here is on high quality at prices in line with the market.



Your gateway to the world of the Internet of Things:
Sierra Wireless FX30 Programmable Gateway

With the FX30 Programmable Gateway, Sierra Wireless is presenting a new platform for IoT applications.

The FX30 is the smallest and most flexible programmable mobile communication gateway from this manufacturer. It enables the easy connection of applications with the world of the Internet of Things.



Gateway development? Connection solutions!

In order to develop a reliable IoT application, you need to combine and evaluate several hardware and software components with one another.

Radio module, processor, operating system, software framework, SIM card/connectivity and cloud solution must be reliably adapted and combined with one another. The security of the application and data transmission also play a decisive role. Integrating all of these elements independently can require a significant development effort.


WiFi and Bluetooth integrated:
Quad Core CoM with Qualcomm Snapdragon 410E

With powerful Quad Core processor for demanding embedded applications:

The new TXSD computer-on module from Ka-Ro based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410E. It offers integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as extended graphic and multimedia support. An energy-efficient design ensures that it is also ideal for battery-operated applications.


Around the world with two modules:
Faster data transmission with LTE-Advanced

More and more data is being transmitted between mobile applications.
For this reason, many mobile operators already support the further developed LTE-Advanced standard.

Make your application fit for the future with Sierra wireless modules in a standard form factor. The modules of the EM74xx and MC74xx series enable data communication up to 300 Mbps in global mobile networks.

  • Easy, quick, and flexible thanks to standard interfaces
    With the right module, you can quickly and easily add wireless technology or do a flexibleupdate to new technologies as needed.
  • Smaller, leaner, future-proof: M.2 form factor
    The EM modules are around 20 % smaller and also thinner than modules in PCI-Express MiniCard form factor.
  • Around the world with two modules: More LTE frequencies supported
    Global LTE coverage can be achieved with just two different module versions.


Affordable, low power consumption, optimum network coverage:
LTE-M and NB-IoT wireless technology for M2M applications

The development of mobile network technology has for years been moving in one direction:
Increasingly fast data transfer rates for mobile Internet usage.
3G and 4G networks are becoming increasingly widespread.

This logically poses the question:
What are the long-term prospects for M2M applications in 2G networks?

Most of the time, M2M applications do not require the high data rates provided by the latest 4G technologies.


Sierra Wireless Connectivity & Smart SIM:
Optimally connected to the Internet of Things

Have you already chosen the right SIM card for your IoT application?

Did you know?
Conventional SIM cards from mobile network providers are design for typical consumer applications. However, IoT applications often have completely different requirements. For this reason, maximum network availability and a stable, reliable data connection can be crucial.

The connectivity solution from Sierra Wireless has entered the equation.
The market leader for M2M mobile network solutions is most familiar with the requirements of the industry, and has already fine-tuned its M2M solution to meet them.