Setting a new standard for IoT Embedded Platforms


Key Benefits

  • Global 3G/2G connectivity in a single device, scale to LTE with full hardware and software compatibility
  • Compact device fits into any machine
  • Connect to any machine with built-in interfaces and extension option
  • Enables Smart embedded applications with LEGATO
  • Protect your investment with device management and cloud platform

The FX30 is the most innovative programmable IoT gateway.

The FX30 provides cellular connectivity with a programmable Linux-based application framework, industrial grade hardware and IoT card expansion slot that allow unparalleled flexibility. A small and rugged aluminum form factor together with wide environmental specifications enable the FX30 to be embedded in any industrial machine, even in harsh conditions.

The Linux-based Legato™ open source application framework allows for efficient low level C programming, making FX30 the essential link in distributed IoT systems.

An IoT Connector opens the FX30 to unlimited hardware extensions, allowing it to be interfaced to any kind of sensors, wired or wireless local networks.

The FX30 programmable IoT gateway can be used as a simple USB or serial modem, but its full potential is realized as an embedded cellular platform for IoT applications, setting a new standard as a connectivity building block for IoT applications for any connected machine. 

Key Features

  • Programmable IoT Gateway supporting worldwide 3G/2G networks
  • Scalable to 4G LTE with full hardware and software compatibility
  • Dedicated Cortex A5 @550MHz for customer application on Embedded Linux LEGATO
  • Multiple built-in interfaces: USB, 3 I/O, Ethernet (FX30) or Serial RS232/485 (FX30S)
  • IoT Connector for unlimited hardware expansion
  • Compact and strong aluminium casing: 75 x 60 x 32 mm
  • Temperature Range: -30 to +75 C


Sierra Wireless FX30 Datasheet (417 KB) 


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