Expect more, do more with the Next-Generation WP

Key Benefits

  • CF3 form factor enables easy scalability for different network technologies and requirements
  • Linux-based Legato® software platform simplifi es application development
  • AirVantage® cloud platform accelerates time-to-market

SIERRA WIRELESS AirPrime® WP Series provides an integrated device-to-cloud architecture enabling IoT developers to build a Linux-based product on a single module and seamlessly send valuable user and product data to the cloud. Offering an application processor running the open source Legato® platform, GNSS receiver, and cellular modem with an ultra-low power domain, WP modules reduce system complexity and get you to market faster.

Simplify system development with a Device-to-Cloud architecture

  • All the key hardware components of your connected product in a compact form factor to save board space and reduce total BOM (bill of materials)
  • Integrated Legato® platform that maintains your Linux distribution and includes an application framework, Development tools, and community SUPPORT
  • Integrated AirVantage® cloud services make it easy to access product and user data into your backend enterprise applications

Future-proof your product designs

  • CF3™ (common fl exible form factor) module design provides worldwide coverage on 2G, 3G, 4G networks, is compatible with HL Series of modules, and capable of SUPPORTing new wireless technologies
  • The professionally maintained open source Legato® platform for IoT enables you to reuse software components and applications in future designs with no vendor lock-in
  • AirVantage® cloud services with big data storage grows with your deployments and can power future revenue-generating services as your business evolves

Keep your products deployed for years in the field

  • New ultra-low power domain can reduce power consumption by 200x opening new use-cases for cellular where 100 % connectivity to the network is not required
  • Application sandbox within the Legato® platform hosts your proprietary software and provides a secure place for 3rd party applications to enable future services for your customers
  • Unlimited FOTA (fi rmware over-the-air) powered by AirVantage® maintains optimized connectivity as networks evolve and keeps your data transmission protected as new security threats arise

Key Features

  • CF3 (Common Flexible Form Factor) package: 22 × 23 mm LGA
  • CF3 package compatible with HL Series for easy scalability
  • Available in versions for: 3G and 4G
  • Extended temperature range to SUPPORT industrial applications
  • Multiple interfaces including USB, UART, SPI, I2C, HSIC and GPIO
  • Optional with internal GPS/GLONASS receive

  Mobile Technology Interface Audio Function
GPIO (up to..)
Analog Audio
Digital Audio
ext. Temp.
WP8548 X X X X       X 2 1 1 2 13   X X X X
WP7502 X X X X X     X 2 1 1 2 13   X X X #
WP7504     X X X X X X 2 1 1 2 13   X X X #

X SUPPORTed feature  # Depending on type of module

Development Tools

WP DK – Development Kit für die WP Serie

  • Development Board
  • Netzteil, Antennen, Kabel und Zubehör

Project mangOH

  • Open Hardware Referenz Design für die WP Serie
  • Ethernet, UART und USB Schnittstellen
  • Anschlüsse für Erweiterungen: IoT Module, Arduino


  • Open Source Software Plattform für die WP Serie
  • Basierend auf Linux
  • Verfügbar in der Sierra Wireless Developer Zone


Sierra Wireless AirLink® WP-Series (180 KB) 


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