Open source embedded platform built on Linux designed to simplify M2M application development

Key Benefits

  • Get started immediately: Legato is pre-loaded on AirPrime WP series modules
  • Use existing software and skills with multi-language support and customizable components
  • Easily integrate device data to enterprise with AirVantage M2M Cloud
  • Simplify the development of your M2M application
  • Future proof and extendable

The Legato™ platform gives embedded M2M development a head start and is ready to run, build, and connect out-of-the-box. Made up of a tightly integrated application framework, fully tested Linux distribution, and feature rich development environment, the open source Legato platform accelerates application level development of connected devices. 


Start developing immediately with the Legato platform that has been integrated, tested and validated. The Linux distribution supports next generation AirPrime® WP and AR Series of smart modules, so Legato comes ready-to-run without any porting.


Available in open source, Legato future-proofs software investments by easily porting the stack to any module or application processor as product requirements evolve. With security and connectivity built in and customizable middleware components, the platform simplifi es development by enabling OEMs to just focus on the value-add applications. 


Designed for connected products, the Legato platform makes it easy to get device data to the enterprise thanks to seamless integration with the AirVantage® M2M Cloud. For devices, Legato provides access to device peripherals like USB or Ethernet out-of-the-box. And robust API’s make it easy to connect to any cloud or network – whether mobile, wired, or personal. 

Components and Features of the Legato Platform


Application Framework - Designed with security and connectivity in mind

  • Application Sandbox - secure environment to run and control multiple applications
  • Robust Connectivity APIs - access cloud and network services such as voice calls, SMS, data, radio controls
  • Customizable middleware components - select building blocks such as configuration, DB, resource arbitration, secure IPC
  • Multi-language support – use embedded applications in different programming languages
  • C-based runtime library – fast, efficient system designed to maximize processing power and user application space

Linux Distribution - Customizable with built-in M2M Features

  • Free open source packages - validated by the Linux Foundation that include BusyBox, OpenSSL, DHCP, PPP, and OpenSSH
  • Long-term supported Linux kernel (LTSI) - hosted by the Linux Foundation and maintained by the embedded systems industry
  • Board support package (BSP) - enables hardware interfaces and power management, validated on AirPrime WP smart modules

Development Environment - Flexible to simplify application-level development

  • Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) - extensible and familiar toolset with built-in API awareness
  • Command Line - automate builds and integrate into any tool chain
  • Robust diagnostic tools - local and remote debugging, monitoring and profiling
  • Yocto build tools - rebuild and tailor the Linux distribution for any project
  • Multi-language support - code using your favorite programming language


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