Cellular Communication Products by SIERRA WIRELESS


For widely distributed applications needing wireless connectivity, it is usually the best option to use the established cellular networks. This allows easy and global connectivity. Depending on application requirements, cellular communication offers a range of solutions from cost-efficient 2G connectivity up to 4G high speed communication. 

Founded in 1993, the Canadian company SIERRA WIRELESS is the global leader for cellular communication technology in M2M devices. Over the past they have developed and marketed innovative products and solutions for their customers. SIERRA WIRELESS offers the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions for machine-to-machine wireless communication. 

They provide a wide selection of 2G, 3G and 4G embedded modules and gateways for modern M2M applications. In addition, they extend their offer with seamlessly integrated M2M cloud services, software frameworks and services, providing a powerful solution for easy M2M communication.
More than 120 million M2M devices have been sold to customers worldwide, including OEMs and mobile network operators. SIERRA WIRELESS products make M2M communication simple, scalable and secure, enabling customers to easily create innovative M2M applications. 

AirPrime® Embedded Wireless Modules

Sierra Wireless AirPrime embedded modules are designed to meet your M2M challenges. Simple to integrate, easy to program, secure and scalable, AirPrime modules get your solution to market faster and reduce your total costs.

AirLink® Intelligent Gateways:
Get Connected. Stay Connected.

AirLink gateways can be deployed out-of-the-box with no programming required and are built with the intelligence to always stay connected. They securely and reliably connect people, equipment and services for enterprise and M2M applications. 

Software & Services

In addition to AirPrime® embedded modules and AirLink® modems and Gateways, Sierra Wireless also offers various Software and Services for these products. 

AirVantage Cloud Plattform

Integrated platform for device management, connectivity and data

  • Simple: Fast time-to-market with pre-integrated hardware, embedded application frameworks  and cloud service
  • Scalable: Solution can be used for  single devices and large-scale deployments
  • Secure: Independently audited  infrastructure for your valuable M2M data


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