VOCSens Eva Board

Compatible measurement of environmental indicators, such as VOCs, relative humidity and temperature, on the basis of Arduino

VOCSens Eva Board

Environmental conditions have a considerable impact on our well-being, comfort and productivity. SENSIRION sensor solutions provide detailed and reliable data about the most important environmental indicators, such as relative humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), CO2 and particulate matter (PM2.5/10).

Environmental sensing opens up a host of new possibilities for the development of intelligent devices. Our well-being, comfort and overall energy efficiency can be significantly improved in many applications as a result.

The VOCSens Shield enables GLYN to provide a universal hardware evaluation platform for the VOC sensor SGP30, as well as the humidity and temperature sensor SHT31 from SENSIRION, on the basis of Arduino UNO.

VOC sensor SGP30 is the world’s first long-term stable sensor for measuring volatile organic compounds.


SENSIRION’s MOXSens® technology enhances the unrivalled durability of the SGP30 against siloxane contamination to ensure unparalleled stability and precision in the long term. The SGP also combines several metal oxide sensor elements (pixels) on one chip to provide detailed air quality signals. This unprecedented combination of long-term stability and multi-pixel technology makes the SGP the perfect choice for monitoring indoor air quality for mobile applications as well as "Smart Home" and device applications.

The SHT31 humidity sensor is calibrated, linearised and temperature-compensated in the factory.

SHT Series

SENSIRION is a market leader in the development and production of digital relative humidity sensors. 15 years ago, SENSIRION revolutionised the industry with the world’s first digital humidity sensor and then redefined the industry standard with the SHT3x series. The best products on the market, unparalleled know-how and outstanding application SUPPORT make Sensirion the go-to expert for humidity measurement.

VOCSens can be connected to many common MCU evaluation kits with minimal hardware expense. Both environmental sensors can also be disconnected from the shield and operated on 5V or 3.3V MCU target systems via PMOD 2x4.

We provide DEMO software for ARDUINO UNO andARDUINO MEGA 2560 for the GLYN VOCSens shield.

The VOCSens shield is available ex-stock from GLYN with immediate effect.

Typ VOCSens
Operating Voltage 3,3 V / 5 V
TVOC 0…60.000 ppb
CO2 eq 400…60.000 ppm
Relative Feuchte 0…100%
Temperatur -40…125°C
Manual Manual VOCSens H2W 29-05-18 (3.14 MB)
Demo Software VOCSens SUPPORT Package 03-08-18 (7.45 MB)

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