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TOSHIBA isolating amplifier with Delta-Sigma converter

Continuous monitoring of phase current and voltage fluctuations in fault-prone environments is essential for motor controllers.

TOSHIBA offers accurate isolating amplifiers to facilitate current and voltage measurement for this purpose.

The integrated Delta-Sigma A/D converter registers even the smallest currents and voltage fluctuations with high accuracy.

  • Highest linearity of 0.02 % for NL200 (typical) in the whole sector
  • Isolation voltage 5,000 Veff (min.)
  • Operating temperature range from -40 to 105 °C.


Switching losses reduced by 15 % thanks to new packaging

TOSHIBA is now offering its 600 V DTMOS IV MOSFETs in a 4-Pin
package too.

The fourth pin reduces the turn-on losses, EON, by up to 15 % compared with a 3-pin solution. This increases the switching efficiency while at the same time decreasing heat development in the component.

This particularly benefits PFC applications and high-performance switching power supplies in hard-switching topologies.


Can withstand just about anything:
MITSUBISHI´s power highlights

MITSUBISHI Power-Highlights:

  • The power packet – 1200 V 800 A IGBT module
    Current housing technology increases the reliability of the existing standard housings.

  • Saves space: 30 % smaller - New IPM GI series
    MITSUBISHI has developed the new G1-series to meet the increasing demand for IPMs with low losses, a broad performance range, and a compact design.
  • Reliable in a component-optimised motor control unit –
    IGBT NX7 CIB modules ready for the off
    You would like to achieve a compact, component-optimised and reliable motor control unit?


Approved in accordance with UL508 and EN50178:
TAMURA 2000-A industrial current sensors

The Japanese sensor specialist TAMURA will be presenting its new 2000 A current sensor at this year's PCIM 2017 in Nuremberg.

The S30S2T0D24Z is based on the closed-loop principle and is optionally equipped with a Molex or JST connector. The outlet opening is d = 57 mm.
The sensor is certified in accordance with UL508 and EN50178.