Photocouplers for High Speed Communication


TOSHIBA offers optocouplers that are suitable for IGBT / MOSFET gate drivers. Our optocoupler portfolio includes a very comprehensive product line ranging from optocouplers with overcurrent protection to those with an output current of up to 6.0 A. This allows you to select the optocoupler that best fits the gate capacitance requirements of the driven IGBTs and MOSFETs.

TOSHIBA's optocouplers guarantee common mode rejection (CMR) of up to 40 kV/μs, making them perfect for industrial applications, such as inverters and servos in environments with high electrical noise levels.

IPM-drive optocouplers

TOSHIBA offers optocouplers that are ideal for isolated interfacing to an IPM (Intelligent Power Module). IPM-drive optocouplers are available with an open-collector output, and inverting and non-inverting totem-pole configurations. You can therefore find optimal optocouplers that best fit your needs, regardless of the input configuration (active level) of the driven IPM.

Isolation amplifiers


One of the main objectives in power electronics is to maximise efficiency and reliability while increasing power/packing density.

The integrated Delta-Sigma A/D converter enables even the smallest currents and voltage fluctuations to be registered with high accuracy.

In addition to a CMTI of 20kV/µsand an isolation voltage of 5kV rms, the couplers have the respective approvals (VDE, UL, CSA, BSI...).

Available as DIP8 and SO8L variants, they are pin and function-compatible with other manufacturers and offer a significantly flatter SMD housing and an operating temperature range of -40°C - 105°C, in the case of SO8L.

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