As the largest provider and manufacturer of microcontrollers, RENESAS is the world no. 1. RENESAS can offer you the widest range of microcontroller/microprocessor solutions in 16-bit and 32-bit MCU/MPU families:

  • Scalable chip solution RL, RX, RZ (on Cortex®-A9 Core), including kit solutions for various areas of application
  • Scalable platform solution RENESAS Synergy™ on Cortex®-M Core, including RTOS, communication stacks and comprehensive software packages

Regardless of whether it concerns a chip or a platform, you will fi nd a wide selection of scalable MCU solutions at RENESAS: Low current consumption, high output, a range of housing variants and the largest selection of memory sizes combined with high-quality peripherals.

RL78 series
The RENESAS 16-bit RL78 Low Power Series supports you in the implementation of your low-power applications thanks to an ultra-low current consumption at a comparatively high Output.

RX series
RENESAS EXTREME (RX for short ), an extraordinary 32-bit microcontroller family which covers every base. You can always choose the right solution from low power to high Performance.

RZ series
The 32-bit microcontroller platform on the basis of the Cortex®-A9 processor core. The ideal solution for your Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications.

RENESAS Synergy™ Plattform
"Smart chips" on the basis of the Cortex®-M processor core. Including RTOS, communication stacks as well as many ready-made software packages. More time for differentiating your product or reducing time-to-market

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