Simple and accurate with CYPRESS PSoC®:
Filling level measurement without additional components

GLYN can show you how to use the CapSense® function of the CYPRESS PSoC® MCUs to implement a cost-effective capacitive filling level measurement for liquids. 

The CapSense® can be used to implement up to 62 capacitative touch sensors.


 CapSense® is resistant to interference:
We use an additional application to show the function of button sensors that work flawlessly in very noisy environments (LCD multiplexer).

Cortex™-M for self-build!
10,000 circuits in one housing!

Discover the many possibilities of the freely programmable, digital and analogue components of CYPRESS PSoC® MCUs.

Your own digital hardware:
You can now implement many digital functions that run in real time.
The CPU remains free for other tasks.
In this way you can create your own interfaces, counters, oscillators and many other functions. Special register elements create data connections in both directions between the CPU and the digital circuit.
A library with more than 150 circuit elements is available. Additional elements can be created and added as desired.

Your own analogue hardware:
The PSoC® is equipped with low power comparators, op-amps, a temperature sensor, ADC, DAC, analogue multiplexer and much more for analogue functions.
These enable you to relocate numerous external analogue elements onto the chip and wire them up individually.

Bluetooth Low Energy:
CYPRESS PSoC®4 BLE is the first fully functional Bluetooth 4.2-compatible one-chip solution with best-in-class integration.
Space-saving with integrated Balun, 5 power modes and easy-to-call up APIs.

This optimises your application for increased battery life.  


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