For RENESAS Synergy platform:
GLYN Arduino-compatible board controls large displays

The revolution in MCU development.
Each RENESAS Synergy™ MCU comes with the Synergy Software Package (SSP).
And the verified programme packages.

The SSP provides you with high-quality software such as  

ThreadX® RTOS
FileX® File system for SD cards, CF cards, memory sticks
USBX® Host and device controller software
NETX® Software package for Ethernet
GUIX® TFT display driver and drawing software
HAL Driver  Driver for all peripheral elements of the MCU

This makes it extremely easy to implement devices and sensors for the Internet of Things

It has hardly reached the market - and there is already red support for RENESAS Synergy.

Control big WVGA displays with capacitive touch function.
With the Arduino-compatible EVBEVEFT813 GLYN board.

We can show you a RENESAS Synergy S7 starter kit with a plug-mounted GLYN FTDI-EVE2 Arduino-compatible board as an application example.

This board can be used to control large displays, e.g. WVGA with only one additional chip (FTDI-EVE2) using SPI or QSPI.

An additional external memory is not required. Easily connect a capacitative or resistive touch unit.

The display connection fits all displays in our range EDT TFT family concept from 3.5“ bis 7“. There is also an additional LVDS socket.

The RTOS ThreadX® as well as various HAL drivers were installed here. The SSP is now extended by a its own programme package.

You can now order the Arduino-compatible GLYN  board (Item No. EVBEVEFT813) for just €49.00*.

The RENESAS Synergy Starter Kit SK-S7G2 (Item No. YSSKS7G2E30) is available for 82.00 €*.

*) Price per item plus VAT and dispatch


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