“Butterflies” for modern IoT applications:
How to easily connect Bluetooth Low Energy with CapSense buttons and slider


The PSoC® 4000S from CYPRESS offers the world’s most reliable energy-saving CapSense® solution.

Like a butterfly you can easily connect Bluetooth Low Energy with CapSense buttons and slider functionality.

The new CY8CKIT-145-40xx Prototyping Kit from CYPRESS combines the EZ-BLE™PRoC™ Module with the new PSoC®4000S featuring ARM® Cortex®-M0+ Core. 


Oberseite: PSoC® 4000S CapSense®


Unterseite: PRoC® BLE Modul

This prototyping kit features the new PSoC® 4000S with fourth-generation CapSense. This can be operated with full operational safety in noisy environments, as well as in the presence of fluids (SNR >300:1). The average power consumption is just 3 µA.

To ensure high operational safety, the kit features SmartSense Mode, in which the settings for the CapSense are automatically determined.

The PSoC® 4000S is also available in the smallest housing in the world for Cortex®-M0+
At just 1.9 x 2.0 mm and 25 balls this allows possibilities to be realised in the area of sensors or IoT that were previously inconceivable. 

Kit with debugger and software pack
Alongside the MCU and the BLE Module, this kit also contains a fully fledged debugger.
The entire software development environment, PSoC® Creator, C Compiler and Flash-Tool are also included free of charge and enable a cost-effective start.

The CapSense® function of the PSoC® 4000S offers the implementation of up to 36 caps. Touch sensors. The sensors may also be used as fill level sensors for fluids. 


Bluetooth Low Energy Module
An additional PRoC® Bluetooth Low Energy Module is attached to the back of the kit. Space-saving with integrated balun, five power modes and easy-to-launch API’s, the application can be developed in the shortest space of time.

Both components, MCU and Bluetooth module are connected together and can be used for new IoT applications, for example.

CYPRESS provides extensive technical information about the board here:

Discover the numerous possibilities of the freely programmable digital and analogue components of CYPRESS PSoC® MCU’s.

Your own digital hardware:
With the PSoC® Creator you can now realise numerous digital functions that run in real time, leaving the CPU free for other tasks.

You can now create and configure your own interfaces, counters, oscillators and many other functions. The digital Smart IO function enables glue logic functins on the I/Ports, as well as a flexible array for self-defined logic functions.

Your own analogue hardware:
For analogue functions low power comparators, ADC, analogue multiplexers and much more are available in the PSoC®. These, as well as numerous external analogue elements can be relocated onto the chip and wired individually.

Additional information:
For more technical information, please send a brief email to:

The board can be ordered ex-stock under the designation CY8CKIT-145-40xx.


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