“Butterflies” for modern IoT applications:
How to easily connect Bluetooth Low Energy with CapSense buttons and slider

The PSoC® 4000S from CYPRESS offers the world’s most reliable energy-saving CapSense® solution.

Like a butterfly you can easily connect Bluetooth Low Energy with CapSense buttons and slider functionality.

The new CY8CKIT-145-40xx Prototyping Kit from CYPRESS combines the EZ-BLE™PRoC™ Module with the new PSoC®4000S featuring ARM® Cortex®-M0+ Core.


New reference book:
The Basics of the RENESAS Synergy Platform

The revolutionary Synergy microcontroller platform from RENESAS promises to sustainably improve the working life of Embedded Design engineers.

Develop quicker, invent new things, and become market leader – that is the concept of the Synergy Platform.

Start now with the new reference book “Basics of the RENESAS Synergy™ Platform”.
Based on the S7G2 starter kit, it demonstrates the concept of the Synergy Platform. Here you can learn about all useful and necessary steps to your first Synergy application. 

Get your free E-Book here:


RENESAS Synergy S3 evaluation board!

The ‘Midsize’ RENESAS Synergy S3 solution offers the optimum combination of low power consumption and a powerful Cortex®-M4 core, which runs at up to 48 MHz.

The EVBSYNS3 evaluation board from GLYN offers you a quick and easy way into the world of graphics, sound and touch. An optional PMOD adapter – based on the FTDI EVE – relieves the SRAM on the S3.


For RENESAS Synergy platform:
GLYN Arduino-compatible board controls large displays

The revolution in MCU development.
Each RENESAS Synergy™ MCU comes with the Synergy Software Package (SSP).
And the verified programme packages.

The SSP provides you with high-quality software such as

ThreadX® RTOS
FileX® File system for SD cards, CF cards, memory sticks
USBX® Host and device controller software
NETX® Software package for Ethernet
GUIX® TFT display driver and drawing software
HAL Driver Driver for all peripheral elements of the MCU

This makes it extremely easy to implement devices and sensors for the Internet of Things.

It has hardly reached the market - and there is already red support for RENESAS Synergy.

Control big WVGA displays with capacitive touch function.
With the Arduino-compatible EVBEVEFT813 GLYN board.


Simple and accurate with CYPRESS PSoC®:
Filling level measurement without additional components

GLYN can show you how to use the CapSense® function of the CYPRESS PSoC® MCUs to implement a cost-effective capacitative filling level measurement for liquids.

The CapSense® can be used to implement up to 62 capacitive touch sensors.

Discover the many possibilities of the freely programmable, digital and analogue components of CYPRESS PSoC® MCUs.


Using new synergies:
RENESAS Synergy Platform integrates the IAR Workbench

IAR Systems and RENESAS announce the integration of the world's most used development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM® in the RENESAS Synergy™ Platform.

As a user of the RENESAS Synergy Platform, as of right now, you can work with the IAR Workbench. From June 2016, it will be fully integrated into the Synergy Platform as "EWARM-RS" and will therefore be available "free-of-charge".

Cortex®-M with lots of software!


Industrial-suited series baseboard with -40 to 85 °C:
It´s the combination that does it - customer-specific mini-computer

If you use your application in a Singleboard Computer, you need to think about the future. Will today's performance still be adequate in a few years' time? Can I switch to the next power classification quickly? Or is a complicated and costly redesign required?

Join us in the Singleboard Computer world of the future!
At GLYN we have developed a solution to meet future requirements in an industrial-suited yet flexible manner.


Faster, smarter, safer:
BLE solutions by CYPRESS support all the new Bluetooth 4.2 features

That's right!
CYPRESS is the first manufacturer to offer BLE single-chip solutions that support all the new Bluetooth 4.2 features:

  • PSoC 4 BLE Programmable System-on-Chip
  • PRoC BLE Programmable Radio-on-Chip

What's new with Bluetooth 4.2?
In the Bluetooth 4.2 specification, three brand new features for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, also known as Bluetooth Smart) devices have been added.


Operating costs of embedded systems:
Software included" saves you money...

The market for the "Internet of Things" (IoT) is growing and changing rapidly. At the same time, the complexity of the software and hardware in embedded systems is increasing considerably.

The costs for microcontrollers in such applications is often just the tip of the iceberg.

Developers much keep in mind the total cost of embedded systems. This includes investments, e.g. in software, support, training, maintenance, licences, updates and upgrades.