Intelligent display with integrated FTDI EVE

  • The A. D. A. M. (Advanced Display Application Module) is a proprietary GLYN display concept
  • TFT + graphics controller combined on a single board
  • The FT80x and FT81x A. D. A. M. displays are controlled with QSPI, SPI or I²C
  • Display control + touch evaluation are automatically provided by the FT80x/FT81x
  • The sound is also output (must be externally amplifi ed)
  • All the required cables to the A. D. A. M. are routed on a 16-pin FPC flat cable and can thus communicate directly with the target application.
  • The A. D. A. M. family is intercompatible as a result of the standardised connection and standardised commands of the FT80x/FT81x and can be easily exchanged
  • Rapid change-over between the different display sizes 2.8" to 7", no matter whether resistive or capacitive or without touch


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