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High-quality, complex products also require high-quality SUPPORT.

Worldwide, there are around 50,000 different microcontroller derivatives and an estimated 10,000 hardware and software development tools supplied by the microcontroller manufacturers on the market.

Each hardware manual contains over 1,200 pages of information.

The software manual contains another 1,500 pages.

  • Which controller has a future, even if it might fi t the application?
  • Which tool package is within my budget and is most suited to my requirements?
  • How can I successfully and rapidly integrate the necessary peripherals, such as displays, sensors, motion control, connectivity or memory?

Here you require an experienced and reliable pathfi nder to lead you through the MCU jungle. And the right SUPPORT is just as important as the product! We at GLYN can offer you 30 years of in the fi eld of microcontrollers, tools and peripherals and have excellent contacts to experience our suppliers. In so doing, we focus on selected microcontroller manufacturers with extended hardware and software SUPPORT from 3rd party providers.



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