TOSHIBA: The world's largest producer of MLC NAND memory

As an acknowledged pioneer in the field of Flash technology, TOSHIBA was one of the main innovators in NOR and NANDFlash technology in the 1980s.

TOSHIBA is now a leading supplier of MLC / SLC NANDFlash memories. TOSHIBA storage media meet the increasing demand for wireless equipment and hand-held systems such as mobile phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants) and GPSs (global positioning systems) and are used in consumer electronics, for example with semiconductor audio memories (MP3), digital photo cameras (DSC), digital video recorders and HD memory cards, as well as Flash drives and - last but not least - also for industrial applications.

To meet the increasing demand for ever larger data storage capacities, TOSHIBA also provides an extensive range of embedded NAND solutions and digital media storage solutions such as SD™, SDHC™, SDXC™ and microSD™ memory cards and USB Flash drives.

TOSHIBA offers a wide selection of digital media, with a large range of capacities for a variety of applications. This includes digital image and video cameras, audio players, PDAs, mobile and desk-top computers, mobile telephones, computers and home entertainment systems, etc.


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