General information


NGD Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of HighSpeed, HighCapacity and LowPower PCIe storage solutions.

Name / Legal form: NGD Systems Inc.

Headquarters: Irvine California, USA

History: Young manufacturer of high-end storage solutions in the high-capacity sector. Founded in 2013, they developed their own products/flash controllers. Marketing started in 2020.

Year of foundation: 2013

Divison / Area: Flash memory solutions

Line-Up: M.2, U.2, EDSFF-E1-S, AIC

Core competences: Development and sales of high-end storage solutions

Typical applications: Measuring device manufacturers (data loggers) for automotive test operation. Video surveillance, industrial automation, object tracking, image recognition, artificial intelligence and IOT-Edge. NGD has all the necessary approvals and documents.