General information

Name / Legal form: Fujitsu Electronics Europe/ GmbH

Headquarters: Langen, Germany

History: Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) (until January 1,2016: Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe) is a subsidiary of the Japanese semiconductor manufacturer Fujitsu Electronics Inc. (FEI). For more than 30 years, FEEU has been developing and selling a wide range of semiconductor products in the automotive, communications, multimedia, industrial and graphics solutions sector with its European headquarters in Langen. Fujitsu Semiconductor also operates as a contract manufacturer (foundry) for semiconductor companies without its own manufacturing facilities. Meanwhile, the former Fujitsu development department has been transferred to the two external companies Cypress and Socionext; with effect from 28 February 2015,195 employees changed to the newly founded Socionext. In its new role as a pure distribution company, FEEU concentrates on the sale of semiconductors and complex electronic solutions.

Year of foundation: 2016

Division / Area: FRAM Memories, GaN Transistors, Custom SoCs, ASICs, Foundry Services, Imaging & Graphics Solutions, PCBs & Interconnect Technologies, Advanced Packaging, LEDs, DC/DC Converter

Line-Up: Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM), RFID-FRAM, Resistive RAM (ReRAM), MPEG Decoder / Encoder, Embedded Graphic Controller, GaN components, Touch Panels (analog resistive), Touch Panel Controller Boards, Touch System Controller, Radar Sensors, Camera Sensors, Video Processing Decoder, Video Processing Decoder/Encoder

Core competences: FRAM Memories, GaN Transistors

Typical applications: Automotive (combi-instruments, engine control units, navigation), industry 4.0 (sensors, engine controls, HMI)