Together with the LCD manufacturer Emerging Display Technologies (EDT), we have launched a family of TFT products.

One identical interface for all modules. It incorporates: 

  • Data Signals (TTL RGB)
  • Dimming Control
  • Touch Panel Data

The only thing you need to connect is a simple foil cable for less than EUR 1.00. All necessary voltages are generated onboard, which makes these modules true 3.3V single supply devices. This new family concept makes a convenient switching between different display sizes possible.

SizeArticle descriptionResolutionSpecial feature
3,5“ G-ET0350G8DM6 QVGA  
3,5“ G-ET0350G8DH6 QVGA with AR-Touch
3,5“ G-ETM0350G8EDH6 QVGA with PCAP-Touch
3,5“ G-ETM0350G9EDHA QVGA with PCAP-Touch
4,3“ G-ET0430G8DM6 WQVGA  
4,3“ G-ET0430G8DH6 WQVGA with AR-Touch
4,3“ G-ETM0430G8EDH6 WQVGA with PCAP-Touch
4,3" G-ETM0430G9EDHA WQVGA with PCAP-Touch
5,0“ G-ET0500G9DXA WVGA  
5,0“ G-ETML0500G9NDRA WVGA with PCAP-Touch
5,0“ G-ETML0500G9NDRA*K0#GLYN_01 WVGA with PCAP-Touch and stable decorative pane
5,7“ G-ETV570G0DMU VGA  
5,7“ G-ETV570G0DHU VGA with AR-Touch
5,7“ G-ETMV570G0EDHU VGA with PCAP-Touch
5,7“ G-ETV570G2DMU VGA with holder
5,7“ G-ETV570G2DHU VGA with holder and AR-Touch
5,7“ G-ETMV570G2EDHU VGA with holder and PCAP-Touch
7,0“ G-ET0700G8DM6 WVGA  
7,0“ G-ET0700G8DH6 WVGA with AR-Touch
7,0“ G-ETM0700G0EDH6 WVGA with PCAP-Touch
7,0“ G-ETM0700G0EDH6#GLYN01 WVGA with PCAP-Touch and stable decorative pane


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