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What is Smart Embedded?

To put it in a nutshell: the computing power of your application directly on the display combined with an ingeniously simple GUI Designer.

What does a Smart Embedded display consist of?

The microcontroller including the requisite peripherals and connections is integrated in the display. The TFT display and board are married during display production. You thereby obtain a fully functional and tested controller from a single source. A typical configuration looks like this:

Microcontroller STM32F746 (or derivatives thereof)
Power supply 5V bzw. 7-36V
Internal FLASH 1 MB
Internal SRAM 340 KB
Clock frequency 200 MHz
SDRAM / FLASH 16 MB* / 16 MB*

*customised configuration possible

The following three standard products, including evaluation kit, are available:

4.3" – 480 x 272 pixels (Art. ETEM043005XDH6)

7.0" – 800 x 480 pixels (Art. ETEM070006XDH6)

10.1" – 1024 x 600 pixels (Art. ETEML101002XDH6)


The products have passed a pre-compliance EMC test. We will be pleased to provide you with the results.

GUI Designer
Create a modern GUI in a few hours

Creating a modern GUI is child's play with the TouchGFX Designer. Save time! User-friendly, predefined skins, widgets and a graphic simulator, which allows you to present your results spontaneously.

Even smooth animations are possible, thanks to a lean system (based on FreeRTOS).

Visit for further information.

Do you need assistance with programming?
We will be pleased to offer you this as well.






The interfaces can be customised.

An all-round carefree package


  • Smart Embedded display with decorative panel
  • ST-Link USB programmer
  • Various cables
  • USB stick with documentation


A modern application with PCAP Touch naturally includes a glass decorative panel. This is also available from GLYN.


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